Why Your Business Must Adopt Responsive Web Design

28 June 2021
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Did you know your website's Google ranking is lowered if mobile users cannot view it well on a smartphone? There are more people today accessing the internet on their mobile devices than their computers. It makes sense for search engines to force web designers to make websites that add value to search engine users. Responsive web design involves making sites that are viewable across different mobile devices. Here is more info about why you must adopt a responsive website design.

Improve Website Google Ranks

Google and other search engines prioritize websites that offer an excellent user experience on mobile devices. The business reasoning is simple. There are more searches from mobiles than computers. It makes sense to ensure these people have a good user experience when using search engine services.

Responsive design is a must-do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactic. Alongside other SEO tactics, it ensures your website ranks high on Google and other search engines. High ranking translates to higher web traffic and business growth.

A responsive website ranks higher on local searches because mobiles have a more accurate location signal. If you run a brick-and-mortar store, you will see higher foot traffic.

Retain Your Branding Across Devices

Lack of mobile responsiveness impacts the way it is viewable across different devices. While it comes out well on a computer screen, some features become distorted on a mobile screen. For example, the logo might become hidden, or some colors will come out wrong. A static website is also hard to navigate on mobile. If people can't navigate to the checkout page, you lose sales.

A responsive website design ensures a uniform user experience across different devices. The website retains all the elements, including the branding. It also becomes easier for mobile users to navigate the website to view products and buy what they want. Good user experience on your website goes hand in hand with higher sales.

Improve Targeted Advertising

Analytics are very useful when you are setting up your digital marketing campaigns. Mobile web design increases access to your website and enables better analytics of your audience. Mobile devices have GPS location, which is very accurate. Users install apps which cross-reference data with social media apps for demographics, interests, and other useful data.

With accurate analytics, you can set up more effective digital marketing campaigns. You know where your audience is and their interests. You can set up more cost-effective but highly impactful ads. Paid ads raise your visibility and pull web traffic fast.

Would you want to see your business pull more web traffic and grow business? Talk to a web designer about responsive web design.