4 Strategies For Effectively Branding Your Business' Social Media Account

27 August 2020
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Social media is a helpful bridge between you and your customers as a small business owner. You can use social media to connect with customers and bring them to your website. Social media can help you sell your products and services when you effectively brand and manage your social media accounts.

Strategy #1: Figure Out What Social Media Platforms to Use

First, you need to figure out what social media platforms to use. There are a host of social media platforms, from the more commonly known ones such as Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, to newer platforms such as TikTok, to smaller social media platforms.

Each of these social media platforms has certain demographics that flock to it. For example, TikTok is great if your business caters to teenagers or young adults. Pinterest is great if you want to connect with women, and Twitter is much more popular with men. Get to know the different social media platforms and choose to engage in ones that fit the most closely with your target audience.

Strategy #2: Use Consistent Brand Information

Second, you are going to want to use consistent brand information. Try to use the same username or handle on all social media sites connected to your business. If you can upload a profile picture or banner, create a logo that you can use for your business, and use the same one, with the same colors and styles, across all social media channels.

You want the colors and pictures you use on social media to match with the imaging you use on your website.

Strategy #3: Create a Voice for Your Brand

Third, you are going to want to create a voice or tone for your brand on social media. This voice or brand should cater to your target audience. Most brand voices are a mixture of educational and entertaining. Don't just wing it- work with a digital marketing agency to create a style guide of the type of vocabulary, catchphrases, and personality style of your brand's voice. By establishing and creating a guide, you will have an easier time sticking to the voice of your brand over time.

For example, a brand that sells dog costumes may have a playful yet loving style. A brand that sellers' professional planners may have a more business style voice, focused on educational tips and inspiration.

Strategy #4: Create a Visual Style Guide

Fourth, you are going to want to create a visual style guide. Your visual style guide will be the colors and fonts that you want to use on your posts on social media sites. You may have certain styles or types of pictures and images that you use as well.

By using the same style elements in all your posts, you will start to create a visual brand, so when people see a post or picture that your brand put up, they will know it belongs to your brand without even having to see that it came from your account.

Social media is a great way to find customers and bring them to your website. With social media, you want to engage in branding for your business. You are going to want to create a voice and a style for your business that will help you stand out and connect with your target audience. A digital marketing agency like Design ME Marketing may help you find your voice.