How Using Trends Can Improve Your SEO Strategy

24 May 2019
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No matter how solid your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is, there is always room for improvement. One way to make improvements regularly is to integrate trends. Using different trends can make your SEO strategy more relevant and help you develop fresh approaches.

Incorporate New Keywords

Depending on the way you research keywords, the tools you use might also give you information on trends. Beyond selecting the primary keywords for your website, you might integrate relevant keywords that are currently trendy. For example, an HVAC company may notice there is a spike in searches related to smart thermostats. Not only will this influence the type of content you choose to include on your website, but you may revamp your social media posts to include more of the smart thermostats you sell. An additional benefit to including trendy keywords is that products you sell related to the keyword might be more likely to show up in the "shopping" section of search results, encouraging more people to buy from your company.

Capitalize on Social Trends

During certain times of the year, there will be more attention to pop culture, especially around the time of major awards shows for things like movies and music. Celebrities at these events often spark chatter on social media and influence trends in makeup, hairstyles, and clothing. If your business carries any of these items, you may sell more products if they can be used to duplicate celebrity looks. This is a similar strategy seen by influencers on YouTube and other social media platforms. They may recommend makeup products or specific colors that will allow their viewers to recreate a makeup look. Creating a blog post or social media post with detailed information about products you carry that are similar can quickly drive traffic and takes little planning.

Consider Predictive Value

Much like you can find keywords that are currently trendy, you can use keyword research tools to identify keywords that will be trendy later. Clothing stores are a prime example of the power of predictive value. They know certain items are more popular based on the season, so they prepare well in advanced. Knowing this information in advance not only affects the scheduling of posts but the products you choose to purchase as well, so you can be prepared to advertise. An art supply store might notice there is a surge in searches for art supplies around the time secondary and college students start school. In addition to preparing for an increased rush to buy art supplies by stocking more items, they may offer promotions around that time and incorporate content about building an art supply kit or the best supplies for specific age groups.

A good SEO strategy is always a work in progress. One way to improve your strategy is to use trends to capitalize on popular searches. Reach out to an SEO marketing service for more information or assistance.