Create a Successful Bilingual Marketing Campaign

28 February 2019
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Broadening your marketing strategy to include a Spanish-speaking audience can provide a lot of benefits for your business. For example, it can show your company is inclusive and expand your customer base. Launching a successful bilingual marketing campaign can be a perfect way to cater to your current customers and attract new ones. Here are a few things to consider as you embark on this new project.

Create Separate Marketing Strategies

Simply translating your English ads to Spanish can be a potential turnoff to some members of your new target audience. They want to feel as though you are reaching out directly to them, and simply translating sharp marketing copy can be looked at as the easy way out. In some situations, what sounds like clever wordplay in English can have an awkward translation in Spanish. Work with a marketing firm that specializes in Hispanic digital marketing services to tailor your Spanish language campaign to fit your target audience. You can keep the same branding for both campaigns, including colors and a general theme, but make sure the language is unique.

Ensure Representation

Whether you are recording informational videos, commercials, or social media images, you want to make sure that the target audience you want to attract is represented in the images you show. Your Hispanic digital marketing service can help you find actors or models representative of your target Spanish-speaking market. If you have a spokesmodel for your English-speaking campaign, consider adding a separate personality for the Spanish-speaking one. This gives your market a feeling that your ad campaigns have been created with their needs and lifestyles in mind.

Consider Ad Placement Carefully

While running ads on websites that cater to Spanish-speaking customers is important, consider running both types of ads on English-language sites. Some members of your target audience likely shop online at many of the English-language websites you currently host English ads on. Showing that you want to speak to both audiences in your ad campaigns helps reinforce your company's reputation of being diverse and inclusive.

It is estimated that there were 37 million Spanish-speaking people living in the United States in 2015, and that means there is a vast market you can cater to when selling your goods and services. Contact a Hispanic digital marketing service to help coordinate your next ad campaign so your message is impactful and comes across as understanding and respectful to your audience.