Working Remotely? Create Mobile-Ready Digital Contracts For Your Clients

22 January 2019
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Providing online marketing services to different clients who are looking for your help with getting a lot more traffic and sales? If you have a lot of experience with marketing, you may offer to help clients remotely, taking on projects for clients who may live hundreds of miles away from you while working on designing their sites, building their social media accounts, and optimizing their content for them. When providing these services, you should always make sure there is some sort of an agreement between yourself and your clients to cover all your bases.

What Information Should Go in the Agreement?

The agreement between yourself and the clients should include a full list of marketing services that you are willing to provide. You want your clients to have a copy of this information to keep them in the loop and to make sure they know exactly what types of things you can do for them before they even make payments on the marketing services. The next thing that should get included in the agreement is details on pricing. Your clients need to know how much you are going to charge them for the marketing services you are providing. By signing the documents that you have created, they are agreeing to paying the set fee in exchange for the services.

Is There a Way to Get the Clients to Sign the Agreement?

Because you are working remotely and may help dozens of clients that do not live in your area, you are probably wondering what you can do to get them to sign the agreement quickly. Instead of relying on the traditional mail system, you can easily create a mobile-ready digital contract for your clients to view and then sign electronically. The documents containing electronic signatures are deemed just as valid as a traditional signature. Using a digital contract is an excellent way to speed the process up, allowing your clients to review all the information and provide their signature so that you can begin working for them. You should not get started with providing any services until you have copies of the electronic signatures on the documents you have sent out to clients.

Providing online marketing services to different clients is convenient because you can help your clients get more traffic and new customers while working remotely. If this is the kind of work you are planning to do, you should create contracts that your clients would need to sign. Rather than doing a contract on paper and waiting weeks to receive a signature in the mail, all you will need to do is create a mobile ready digital contract and then have your clients sign their contracts electronically.