What To Avoid When Advertising On Social Media Websites

29 November 2017
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It once seemed like print and television advertising would be major in the industry forever. They are still important. However, times have changed, and online advertising is growing by leaps and bounds. Advertising on social media websites is attracting more business, and it can be an excellent way to reach customers and receive an immediate and big response. When you choose to advertise on social media websites, be sure to avoid these major mistakes:

Stop! Don't Try to Make Your Ad Please Everyone

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make with online ads is trying to be everything to all your customers. That just isn't feasible. People vary in their tastes and what will appeal to them in an ad, and what appeals to one customer may repel another. If you try to simply please everyone in an ad, you'll wear the message too thin, and it may not appeal to any of them. Instead, focus on the audience you want to reach and how you want to reach them.

Stop! Don't Rely on Text Alone for Social Media Ads

Because some social media websites like Facebook often feature posts that are text-heavy, some companies make the mistake of thinking that a text ad will be sufficient. That simply isn't the case. When people sign on social media, they are often expecting images. In the age of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are now also popular places for photo sharing. Include cleverly designed visuals in your advertising.

Stop! Don't Court Controversy

Since social media is infamous for instigating feuds among friends and foes alike, it can seem like the home for controversy. Even the President of the United States takes to social media to frequently air thoughts that cause quite the stir. Don't make the mistake of digging into subjects that are controversial for your ads. While the controversy may garner you more exposure and attention, they can ultimately hurt your message and brand. Bad press can be worse than no press when it comes to advertising.

Finally, keep in mind that online advertising is going to continue to change and evolve rapidly, and the future of online advertising may be very different. You don't have to consider that for the ads you will place now. Just as you don't look at how people were using the web a decade ago for how to advertise now, don't worry about the future of advertising. Just focus on your marketing efforts in the here and now, and hone in on what your core base of consumers want from your ads. 

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